The result of over 8 years of R&D
An artificial mind that is turning science fiction into reality.
Semantycs is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution that understands how people think and uses Natural Language Processing (NLP), sentiment analysis and corporate strategy to sell more, provide better customer service and reduce operative costs in any company. It uses the most advanced AI and cognitive modelling techniques, combining and integrating them perfectly.

The result has been an unprecedented quantum leap in the state-of-the-art, making the user believe that they are talking to a human being (95% success rate). One of the biggest differentiation factors is the growing popularity of “Personal Account Managers”, who serve the customer in a 100% customizable way, providing solutions, campaigns, offers, etc. according to their needs. These systems are very efficient with customers but they come with a hefty price tag for companies.
A unique Technology
Imagine an intelligent system that allowed you to provide "Virtual Personal Account Managers". Perfectly trained intelligent machines with all necessary data available to them so that they can provide optimum record-time customer service. This is Qortical.

After more than 8 years of R&D, through different internal and external projects, we have developed this system and turned science fiction into reality. A reality that has been captured in a 100% developed solution, in constant evolution but with a stable core, due to the investment that has already taken place.

In this line, we can provide a detailed ROI study. For this reason, the more volume a client handles, the higher the income generated by that project will be, because in those cases efficiency grows exponentially until very high values (from 10-15M € onwards).
Intelligent Machines at your Service
Semantycs has the following characteristics:

  • Multi-language. Especially Spanish and LATAM languages
  • Speech recognition technology that allows communication 100% via voice.
  • Understands any media (text, audio, video).
  • Integrates easily into your systems without modifying them (6 months).
  • Increases sales by 52%
  • Reduces costs by 69%.
  • Increases Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) by almost 2 points.
Characteristics of Semantycs